James John is a spiritual advisor who teaches LAF ~ Love, Appreciation and Forgiveness, as well as being an international speaker, author, healer, messenger and founder of the LAF Kids Club. Despite “having it all”, James John found himself alone in the darkness of a deep depression. He describes himself as being beyond suicidal and feeling unworthy to live. In his darkest moment, he experienced a massive shift in consciousness which completely transformed his life. James John became aware of his true nature, the roll of the ego and how everything is connected. He founded LAF ~ Love, Appreciate, Forgive in 2015 to help spread his message of self-love, forgiveness and surrender as a path to inner peace and unconditional love for all things.


Living the life of Love, Appreciation, and Forgiveness (LAF) gives you a life of inner peace. You organically default to surrender to everything in the present moment. You’ve come to surrender, you’ve come to love all things. Once you learn to live with “LAF” there is no going back, you won’t know how. For a short moment you will look back on your old self almost like a dream and wonder how you ever lived with so much pain. It will feel like a dark, empty shell from which you left, and have you excepted your true feelings of self-love and love for all things. You would be like an extension of everything that includes all of Mother Earth, every human being, and the entire universe. Your head will feel empty like outer space within, forgetting everything but somehow remembering even more. You won’t know how to hate anymore. It will feel like a foreign language; you know it exists, but you don’t understand it. You look at the world as your new home, loving everything, being happy, and not feeling stressed. Only wanting to help others to feel the same way you do, no matter how long it takes. Imagine not ever feeling greedy, racist, or judgemental toward every one you ever meet again. Trust me, it has happened to me. It’s like I died and I now walk with inner peace (heaven) in my head everyday. How can I not? I have surrendered. I automatically forgive anything that comes my way. I have to, knowing that everything happens for a reason. If somebody does something to hurt me, I forgive them because I know they’re unconscious. I love and appreciate them because they are an extension of me, and I witness them learning their lessons in life. I can only love now. To get to this point, you need to understand and feel how to Love, Appreciate, and Forgive properly and also understanding the many egos and how they work. -James John