Thoughts & Stories

I now live with this over flowing of profound love but always knowing this.

If I never spoke again, or taught one billion people on this beautiful earth about self love,

it would always be perfect.

I have surrendered.

Only the surrender will understand.

If you think I’m the crazy one, you are only judging me.

Making you, the mirror image,  the crazy one.

I would not judge you.

Why would I ?  I only forgive you for not being conscious.

The “I Am” doesn’t understand judgement which ultimately is fear.

It’s a vibration language it doesn’t comprehend.

Essentially everything is perfect. How do I know?

Drop everything you know and only have self love.

Self love will and can only show you perfection within everything.

Even your greatest enemy who is your greatest teacher.

-James John




Discovering Enlightenment.

My head is empty now, it looks like outer space within.

I feel I forgot everything and remember even more.

I don’t know how to hate, It’s as if this weight was lifted off of me and I only feel “Light-er”.

I can only love now, I don’t know any other way.

It’s like God gave me a 1,000 page manual and all the instructional text read “Love”.

Therefore, I can only be love, which interprets to self love and love for ALL things.

I am ALL things.

I am Enlightened.


-James John



May 10th, I told my wife, Tania, I know a lot of people who meditate.

Because of my heightened sensitivity I told her,

“Boy, the way I am, imagine if I meditate, what would happen?” That night, I

went to bed and closed my eyes. Within a minute, I was aware that I needed

to meditate. Soon after, I knew it was a satori. I first noticed I had

family members who had passed around me such as grandparents, and so on.

I also felt a strong presence of my energy entities. Soon, my visual aspect of how

I ground myself got deeper. I went through all my chakras – and then some –

which all went up to God. Then I found myself get grounded even deeper like the

earth was coming up to my shoulders. I felt my 7th chakra opened very wide as the

end of the universe came closer to meet me.

At the same time, the centre of the earth closed in on me. I felt

like there was a short distance between the centre of the earth and the

end of the universe. After, I became very aware of my breathing and, at

some moments, I stopped breathing and just held on to the vibration. I then

felt my energy go to God, up into a vortex that was very close to me

because the universe was already press down upon me. God held me. That was a

vibration I cannot explain. At this point, I don’t even believe my heart

was beating. I was no longer “anything”. I came down through the vortex and became

aware of my heartbeat and breathing. I looked around inside my realm at all my Guides,

Angeles and Helpers. I wanted to know if they knew what was going on,

and of course, they knew. They appeared proud with a sense of being.

It was like another graduation, my biggest ever. After that, I picked up my physical

hands in bed and began to wipe my face like I was washing it with water or wiping

something off. Then I felt the presence of my energies and family members all touching

me on my head and my face like I was a brand new baby boy. I also felt very heavy,

almost three times as heavy. I was more grounded then I ever felt before.

It felt, in a way, that I was chosen and my energies and family members were

there to witness it. Feeling like I was just born, I was no

longer weightless like I felt in my mother’s whomb. I was now heavier and

more aware of my life’s purpose.

What an experience!


-James John