I was first introduced to the positive energy of James John when I walked
through the doors of the Javits Center on November 14, 2015 to attend the
Hay House Conference in Manhattan. James greeted me with a genuine smile,
handing me a postcard – an invitation to receive a signed copy of a book.
I thought he worked as a greeter; I politely took the card and tucked it
away in my purse, noticing his positive energy and thinking he was doing
an outstanding job of making me feel welcome at the convention hall.

Hours later I became restless: the card that greeter handed me caught my
eye, the title of the book intriguing: How to Love Myself and Others.
Currently in treatment for breast cancer, self-love is on the forefront
of my mind; what does it mean to love myself, do I need all my body parts
in place and my hair a certain way? I grabbed my friend and we headed
over to the line; I wanted to guarantee getting a signed copy of the book
– the editions were limited.

First on line, the same friendly greeter approached me, “Do you know why
I sign copies of my book on this side of the table?” Caught off
guard, “No.” “So I can give free hugs.” I watched his arms – as if in
slow motion – surround and envelop me; I fell into his grip, trusting he
would hold me up. A tactile person, it’s been too long since I’ve had a
healing touch, and I sure could use one. I hugged back, wrapping my arms
across his back, present in the moment, accepting this loving gift; I
nearly teared up, but I thought that inappropriate: eager eyes behind me
anticipated their turn. Waiting for my cue, James let go; I felt lighter,
awakened, with an open heart. This gem of a man was not merely the
greeter, he’s the co-author of this lovely children’s book; James doesn’t
just narrate love, he DOES love!

The number of people on line was more than the quantity of books
available for giveaway; men and women were patiently waiting their turn
just to be hugged by James! I watched in awe as james was present for
every encounter, dedicating his attention to each individual. Could this
be a new phenomenon? After all, devotees come from all over to receive a
loving hug from the India-born Amma. Her charity, Embracing the World,
may need to make room for another humanitarian!

A blogger, I frequently interact online. The messages on
www.livinglaf.com: Love Appreciate Forgive are humble, philanthropic and
inspiring. Watching the youtube video his talented 11 year-old son Cade
so brilliantly created helped to put the puzzle pieces together of how
this book came to be; Cade also illustrated the engaging book!

The forward on the inside cover: Once they (children) learn how to fill
themselves up with self-love, it shows them how to give love to others no
matter what people look like or where they come from. I disagree James,
this isn’t just a book for children, it’s a publication everyone needs on
hand! As we love ourselves unconditionally, we spread that love and joy
to others. James exemplifies this, spreading this message through the
gift of his book, How to Love Myself and Others.

Thank you James, for this simple and fundamental message; it came at a
significant time in my life, as did your gracious hug. I feel honored to
have stumbled into your arms and aim to help you spread this message of

Chiara D’Agostino



Thank you for spreading unconditional love throughout the universe. I’ve been experiencing a transformation in myself, where I can tap into this serenity at any moment and see how any situation I go through is perfect. It’s an incredible feeling. You are the one who facilitated this change in me and I’m so grateful to have met you!
You are a truely amazing human being. Keep spreading your message, it is reaching so many people and is changing the world smile emoticon
Love you james  

Stephanie Todt



James Malaniak is the most inspiring person I have ever met. His brand LAF is pure genius and I truly believe that these three things (Love, Appreciation and Forgiveness) are what makes a fulfilling life where you can honestly connect with yourself and the world. This man is always so kind and thoughtful no matter where I see him, hosting his meetup group, at home with his family or out to lunch with one another.  His first MeetUp group was sensational and he made everyone feel welcomed and safe in the space. James’ book he created with his family is not only perfect for children but for adults because it takes all of lifes problems and shows you the solution- self love. That is the number one thing James has taught me and this has changed me for life. Whenever I am asked to describe this man, I reply “He is pure love.” I wish every human being could have the chance to be in James Malaniak’s presence because just this would change your life. His humbleness completely floors me because I know he needs to be on stage, travelling the world, inspiring one person at a time.

Olivia Lyle



AT a recent Mind, Body and Spirit Expo in Pennsylvania, my daughter and I came across a booth promoting a colorful children’s book, and t-shirts and other items with a simple logo “ L.A.F. Love Appreciate Forgive”. Being a psychology major, my daughter was immediately drawn to the message of the children’s book “How to Love Myself and Others”. It would be the perfect gift for the young autistic boy she works with. I was more intrigued by the message on the t-shirts: L.A.F. Love Appreciate Forgive, such a simple acronym with such a powerful message. I was then approached by the young man behind the booth and asked if I would share a hug. I was drawn into a warm embrace and immediately felt the sincerity, energy, and unconditional love emanating from this man. And that’s how I met and fell in love with James John and his approach to life: warm hugs and unconditional love.

James John, the author of four children’s books, is a spiritual advisor who teaches the lifestyle of LAF Love Appreciate Forgive. What is L.A.F.? As James so beautifully describes it, “… Living the life of Love, Appreciation, and Forgiveness (LAF) gives you a life of inner peace. You organically default to surrender to everything in the present moment. You’ve come to surrender; you’ve come to love all things. Once you learn to live with “LAF” there is no going back, you won’t know how…You look at the world as your new home, loving everything, being happy, and not feeling stressed…Only wanting to help others to feel the same way you do, no matter how long it takes.”

I went to hear James speak later that day at the Expo. There he told us his story. Having made “wrong” turns in his young life, he fought against depression, self-loathing, and even thoughts of suicide. It was the unconditional love of his family that saved him and inspired him to form LAF. I found myself wiping away tears as I listened.

He further went on to describe the miracle of his rebirth, the feeling of inner peace and unconditional love and acceptance of all things. Through LAF, James is giving back to the universe: helping others to live the life they deserve; helping others to realize this sense of inner peace and satisfaction which comes from loving, appreciating and forgiving ourselves and then all others.

Listening to his story that day, I walked away with a new LIGHTness and sense of purpose. LAF could just be the cure the universe needs. I mean, think about it, we start the day LAFing at ourselves; go to school or work and LAF at each other; come home and LAF with our families and friends. If everyone learned to LAF maybe we would see less road rage, less bullying in schools, less domestic violence, no more racism, even less suicides.

I intend to LAF every day, and to share James message, “… Wanting everyone to live the life of (LAF) Love Appreciate Forgive. We all came from one Love, Let’s go back there together.” Yes, this is just the cure the world needs and we need to start now, one LAF at a time.

James John is the inspired author of four children’s books which he wrote with the support of his beautiful family. He is available for book signings, readings, and speaking engagements. He especially loves to go to schools to read and LAF with the children. Go to his website www.livinglaf.com to contact James, or to learn more about LAF, and to read James’ inspired words of love and wisdom. You can also follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Appreciate-Forgive-LAF/746015685463904?fref=ts

As an “ambassador” of LAF, Sandy is available for free readings in schools, local libraries and bookstores in the greater Philadelphia area. Contact her at sandyLAFs@gmail.com to schedule a date and time.




I met James through a friend.  She told me I should get this guy in my grade 4 classroom for a reading of his book,”How to love yourself and others.”
So we met for a tea and talked…..my man James can talk….next thing you know the establishment is closing and we kept talking.I really can’t remember what we talked about.  However I was left with an amazing feeling as if I was glowing. He is  genuine, clear, simple and from the heart.  He delivers his messages about LAF (Love,Appreciate and Forgiveness) with powerful yet subtle examples through his own experiences and current events around the world.  The beauty is that the message is simple enough for a child to understand and easy enough for an adult to implement in their life.James is the different we all can be more of.  He is a champion hugger!  World class smiler.  He speaks and acts with love and you can truly feel his positive vibrations.James has inspired me to be a better man by attempting to be more loving, kind, grateful and peaceful.  He is a breath of fresh air that the world needs more of.  You can’t help but feel great and want to do great things after meeting this man.He talks about living heaven on earth.  He is sent to us by a higher power.  James shares his inside information that allows him to guide the conversations to be meaningful  and enlightening.  Peace and love my brother.ParryP.S. My students, colleagues and I all love him.  How can you not?  See for yourself.  You will love him too.  Your welcome in advance.


A spiritual healer, teacher, friend; James has gently given me the guidance needed to express the true essence of who I AM.  To LAF (Love Appreciate Forgive) is to exist always in the now. James’ message has always been direct….to love oneself purely, fully allows every aspect of our life’s journey to be grounded in infinite beauty and the  awareness of perfection in all matters. Living LAF

Thank you
I Am That I Am

Feb 24, 2016 – My experience at a LAF booth

Everyone always asks me if I had a good weekend when I do a LAF expo. Words can’t even describe what I feel like inside, but I’ll give it shot.  It is as if everything is perfection to the millionth degree.  I am completely immersed with the feeling of love.  Nothing goes wrong.  Everything is perfect.  If we need to change a booth, we gladly say “let’s do it!”, and it’s perfect.  The people that are supposed to come to booth, come.  People say that we are doing a great thing by giving out free hugs and spreading the love, but does anyone realize how other people are healing and changing us?  When you give a hug and share your love with that person and an exchange occurs simultaneously, because that person is sharing their love with you.  How great is that!  Our fellow exhibitors are all blessings.  Each one sharing their gift and expressing themselves.  I love it all and it is just so beautiful.  My body has a vibration about it that I can’t quite explain.  It is an energetic, loving feeling that makes my body tingle all over and it lasts for about two weeks after the show.  Everything I eat gets instantly changed to quality energy for my body.  How crazy is that?  I could eat pizza, pancakes or ice cream brownie sundaes and feel fantastic and somehow I wind up weighing less!  No swelling, no bloating which is usually the case.  It is as if my vibration changes what is ingested.  No vitamins are needed, no aches and no pains… they simply disappear.  Being in the vibration of love is truly a gift, and I invite anyone to join us for the day.  How could you not want to share this feeling of bliss.

Sharon Sillen