Kids Club

James John is on a mission to spread the message and teachings of this philosophy which fosters love, peace and joy into our lives.

James John, has written his first children’s book with his loving family.”How to Love Myself and Others” introduces young children how to truly love themselves everyday. Once they learn how to fill themselves up with self-love, it shows them how to give love to others – no matter what people look like or where they come from. This book offers the opportunity for parents and children to talk about values that are the foundation of a truly happy life. Its colourful and vibrant illustrations were done by his son, Cade, who at the time was 11 years old. Children are often captivated by the many detailed scenes and characters.


Part of James’ mission is going from school to school reading his book and teaching young students about the importance of having self-love and how it is the foundation for true and real happiness. He reads to groups, large and small, with entertaining enthusiasm and a charisma that attracts the attention of young and older minds alike!

LAF Kids Club;

James created the LAF Kids Club. Each child will receive a Kids LAF membership card on which they put their name as commitment of their pledge to self. On the back of each card, there is a reminder of ways to live with LAF -Love, Appreciation and Forgiveness. Included in the package is a LAF Kids Club sticker (Up to 300 membership cards & stickers), PDF file of activity pages involving a word search, crossword puzzle, colouring page, and a cut-out and tape project that incorporates the book’s message. Once done, all the kids sign a big LAF Kids Club poster that stays at the school and- (optional) with parental permission- we would like to take a picture of all the kids in front of the signed poster and upload it onto the Kids LAF tab on James’ website that show all the groups who belong to the LAF Kids Club.

Fundraising/Book Fair;

Separate to LAF Kids Club, we also have a school-fundraising program where the sale of every book brings $5.00 to the school. The book sells at $15.00 per book. An order form would be provided if you are interested.


Book reading-  60.00 hr.

Reading times run usually 20 -25 minutes with multiple classes together.

LAF Kids Club Package- $70.00

If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more about this program,

please contact James John directly at;

LAFcrossword2 pdf


“The greatest gift we can give our children is to show them how to live, not telling them.”

– James John