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(Due to Covid, I reduced my prices in half to help those in need.)

Energy Infusion Session: $60 U.S. / 1 hour

Energy Infusion Session includes a mini card reading, ancestral clearing and Reiki.  Available in person or via Zoom.       

Life Coaching Session: $60 U.S. / 1 hour

Life Coaching Session includes a mini card reading along with guidance and tools that you can incorporate into your daily practice to live a more fulfilled life.

Monthly Meditation: $5 U.S. / 45 minutes. Please email Sharon directly at for this service.

Come relax and unwind from the worries of your world.  I invite you to take a guided journey with me through grounding, healing and soaring above the trees and mountains.  Most participants receive a personal message or vision that supports their growth.

Regroup & Recenter Package: $400 U.S. / month (4 weeks) Please email Sharon directly at for this service.

Regroup & Recenter package includes a weekly Energy Infusion Session, a weekly Life coaching Session and access to 1 Monthly Meditation.  Sometimes in life, we find ourselves out of balance and off our path.  My goal is to assist you in getting back on track and living the life that you intended.  I truly believe that God helps those who help themselves.  Work is not always the easiest path, but definitely the most rewarding. 

Wedding Services: $200  U.S. Please email Sharon directly at for this service.   

As an Ordained Minister, I am available to perform matrimonial ceremonies.  Before the ceremony, I work with couples to personalize their vows to assist in creating a most memorable event.    

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