Feeling disappointed in others.

You know, it happens to everyone; the feeling of being disappointed in others.
You may have found yourself in a situation where your were helping out a close friend and you feel
you were representing yourself the right way, and doing everything in your power to help out. Then
when it becomes the time when you need help, your close friend acts totally different. That friend doesn’t reciprocate in helping you the same way and doesn’t even offer support.
Don’t react, Don’t let it bother you.
Learn not to expect any action from anyone. Just be present…period. Just know they have not learned what you already know or what comes easy to you. Even if it seems so basic and obvious what they should do. They just have not learned their lesson in life, they are not being conscious. Only love them more for not knowing what you already know.
For example, you don’t let a car get in front of you from the other lane just because you
want a hand wave or thank-you. You do it because that’s who you are; a kind person. You should just let people in and that’s it. Don’t expect a hand wave from their back window. If they do, well that’s just a bonus and that’s how they are representing themselves. So don’t let the disappointment of others come out in you. See the beauty inside you for who you are.

Loving you all unconditionally,

-James John

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