I ask you, what is your belief system?

I ask you, what is your belief system?

We are all born with love, get covered with beliefs and then we search
the rest of our lives to find it.

A lot of people suffer today because we are attached to certain beliefs
that we were brought up with. This happens through our families’cultures,
religion and what we need experience in our life’s journey at this point
in time. If we believe that God is love and the devil will get you if
you’re bad, well that idea will be true to you.

I experienced a spiritual retreat a few months ago and I saw a lot of
people attached to so many beliefs at one time. For example: the person
wearing the Crucifix with the Kabbalah bracelet, or another with the Star
of David along with Buddha Beads. Others seek God through having crystals
in there pockets, telling me they have to meditate 2 – 3 hours everyday
and can only eat raw vegan foods. It was almost like they were waiting
for the next “Big Thing” that is going to save them, make them feel
better, and live with less pain. These are only tools to get you closer
to the truth which are self-love and love for all things. If you truly
have faith, regardless of whether it’s from religion or not, why be
attached to anything other than God? Now before I go any further, I think
everything is perfect and the universe is always serving us – good or
bad. I believe we are here for three reasons: to love, learn and teach.
We live a life with free will. It’s up to us to find our way back to the
truth on our own individual journey. I hope you don’t misunderstand me,
I’m  not saying that we don’t need religion in our lives or we don’t need
to carry crystals or meditate for hours, I’m simply saying that If you
truly believe that you came from and are a part of God, well you never
lost God/love.
There are a lot of beautiful stories and people that we should look up
to. We all came from God/love through our birth mother and into this
world naked only carrying the vibration of God/love, Thats it!  God
didn’t say , “Ok, well I’m going to give you some tools before you go
out into this world. So I’ll give you some crystals, beads, clothes with
beliefs, books with stories and CDs. Ok so now your ready… Go!”
No. God gave you one thing and one thing only; Vibrational love. We came
into this world only knowing self-love and love for all things. This is
the one love we are all made of. So we don’t need to be attached to
anything besides what we were born with. We only learn all these other
things from our upbringing and culture/beliefs. We are born with pure
white light of love. Then the belief system kicks in and starts wrapping
over our pure white light with darkness. People who surround us start
attaching their beliefs upon us and teach us to fear, to have
insecurities, jealousy, hatred, darkness through their ego, and before
you know it, we can’t see God/love anymore.
We should never take God/love out of our schools, government and who we
are. We would only be loosing what we are all searching for…Love. I
will never tell you to drop your tools. I’m simply showing you that you
may not need them one day and that it is OK. Realize it now or later, we
are all connected to each other and we came from the same God/love. The
more we surrender to the truth, the more we will come to realize that we
never needed anything more than love.

Sending you all unconditional love.
-James John


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