Mirror reflection.

Great story
I was talking to a new friend today and they asked me a question:
How do you work with someone who treats you with such disrespect and
anger? All they do is belittle you, put you down and criticize every
little thing you do all day long?
I told him to love him and forgive him for not being in his right mind.
I explained, “if you held up a full-body mirror all day long at work where he saw his
own reflection, he would be saying (in fact, to his own reflection) ‘You’re a loser,
you’re stupid, you’re lazy and you do everything wrong’ “.
This is what he sees but he doesn’t realize you are the mirror image of him.
Now, let’s say he held up the full-body mirror all day long and you saw your
reflection in the mirror.
How would you feel when you say to him, “I love you, I appreciate you and I
forgive you. You are so beautiful. I love you.”
This is the reflection of you. Pure love for everyone and all things. You
are and always will be the reflection of everything you encounter in this

“If you want to argue,….argue.
If you want to Love,….Love.”

Whatever you decide, it’s the reflection on where you are in life.

If you see something in this story that resonates in you, I know
whichever one you choose, it will be the perfect one for you right now.
This universe is and always will be serving you:)

-James John

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