Letting the website unfold as it may…


This website is for individuals who want to move closer to having more love, appreciation and forgiveness. Also, I provide information for people who are going though hard times and depression who feel there is no help. When you’re at your darkest point there is nothing, there are no answers, therefore, no reason to live. I want to let them know there is hope. There are answers and I have been in that situation and dealt with it head on. I went from not knowing the difference  between scratching my arm or killing myself. To me that meant the same thing. I now live a life of pure love, appreciation and forgiveness for myself and others.  I came out of depression on my own without medication, and I understood exactly how to deal with the ego. I want to teach others the same that  there is relief and people don’t have to suffer anymore.  We can never heal ourselves if the ego keeps controlling our minds. Learn how to be free from your harsh egos, and find the true I AM within.

I would like to make available  a series of children’s books that teach little ones how to have self love, appreciation and forgiveness for themselves and others. Also,I will have other books addressing issues such as bullying and the ego that encourages negative thinking at an early age which can hurt them later.

I will be updating the website on a weekly basis.  I cannot rush this, it will develop as it happens. I look forward to connecting with all of you through comments on the posts.

Sending you all Love.


I am human nature

I am still

I cannot be rushed

Just like a sunflower cannot be rushed

I am that sunflower

I am beautiful

I have surrendered to the sun

And to the new beginning

-James John

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