One needs to create balance in their life to move forward.

We need balance to move forward, there is no other way. Imagine a tight rope walker wanting to walk across a long rope to achieve is goal. He starts his walk carefully placing his feet firmly on the rope holding his balancing pole with two hands. As he starts a few feet into his walk, when he notes an unbalance within him and stops. Counter balancing and shifting his pole to one side stoping him from falling over. He stands patiently with his feet planted onto the rope while he calculates which way the pole need to lean. Once balanced, he proceeds forward knowing it’s balance that can only bring him forward to his goal, advancing him to where he needs to be. This is just like life: You cannot move forward in life unless you are balanced. You may try different things in life to move you forward but it’s only an illusion, an ego telling you something different then balance. Bring balance into your life just like the man on the tight rope brings balance to move him forward.

-James John

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