Words of entering LAF…

I just found something I wrote along time ago, this is how I write down my thoughts.

How far do we need to fall before we learn our lessons in life.
Waking up day after day waiting for that true answer to come
I search and search for the lesson to be so clear and yet another day passes wishing there was a manual to go to for hard times in my life to reference. What will tomorrow bring tic tock time and space passes.
When will i get it.
When will i understand
or …….wait
has it already come,
is it here and i can’t see it or feel it
or ….i don’t know
what if life is this.
What if everything i do has a purpose and a teaching within it.
What if I’m someones purpose and teacher
that would mean i have a purpose, and that we are all teachers and students so things that seem wrong can be perfect for someone else or even me.
I’m lost for words.
I feel like i just got smaller and bigger at the same time.
Then maybe i shouldn’t mind what happens so much,
then everything that happens must happen for a reason.
what if….no……wait,
what if everything was perfect and i just can’t see it
what would happen if i started to see perfection in everything.
This would mean i am perfection and my greatest enemy is too.
Did i just do it,
did i just figure out somewhat the meaning of life.
Well what ever it is …i like it
I feel somewhat calm and reassured
almost a weird feeling of being complete.
Well i feel better now
thanks for listening me
I love you.

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