Must Read Story!!!

I was at the Conscious Life expo in LA this weekend and it was amazing and words will never be able to describe what happened in front of our (LAF) Love Appreciate Forgive booth. I saw a boy with severe special needs. I wanted to give his mother a book to share with her son, named Elijah. He automatically grab onto me like a magnet and wouldn’t let me go. His mother was surprised that he did not want to let me go. He kept putting his hands on my throat to feel my vibration. His mom said he does this when he feels somebody with a very high vibration and someone who he loves. At this point I started to heal him with unconditional love and healing energy but also knowing that there was something else taking place that I was not aware of. He then started to take all of my products and throw them on me, people were trying to stop him but I told him to continue and that it was OK. He drenched me in my product as I was kneeling on the floor. After a long period of time with each other we finally separated not wanting to let each other go. That night I asked my Guides and Angels what took place and they told me that he was healing me as well. People with SPECIAL NEEDS are SPECIAL and NEED to show us the new consciousness and help “us” evolve. They also told me because he’s nonverbal he was throwing all the LAF products on to me to let me know not to stop with LAF and keep going. I was so touched and humbled. Even though there were hundreds of well known speakers and thousands of people there. Elijah had the highest vibration out of everyone there. I am just lost for words everyone. Thank you Elijah, I love you.


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