Visiting Our Source!!!


I I went to the gym for a small workout. I then went to hot yoga as well. Earlier in the day I had a situation where I called up someone that I know who deeply hates me. I told him I was sorry if I did anything to him because I feel all the time, that he is still holding on to so much hatred for me. After not wanting to talk to me and hanging up on me I text him and explain one thing. He responded and vented things that are not even true. Anyway, I released something big today while at yoga, it was a solid session, half way through we had a small savasanai (small rest) and I felt like laying on my back for the rest of the time. 30 seconds later the teacher said that if we would like to stay in this position on our
back that we could for the rest of the class. I chose to stay. I started breathing and concentrating on every single breath. I felt something wanting to connect with me, a higher power, if you will. I started seeing an opening of a tunnel in front of me. My breaths started getting longer and deeper. I started to take one physical breath and then pause for a little while and take a energetic breath with energy and would go back and forth with this breathing technic. I started to see my throat chakra glow big as well as my third eye chakra with lots of energy that was going to them. The tunnel was getting wider and bigger but still cannot make out what was there. I then had flashes of an owl come to my two chakras. Then I started making out images of men/ spirits near the tunnel. They were telling me that I was becoming wiser and there are ascended masters here to give me the information, it felt more like a download. I could see a dark middle-eastern or indian man, and light-skinned men sending me information that was going to my two chakras. The owl was now full blown or full size. The chackras were glowing very vibrantly.  I asked who the men were and they told me they are ascended masters and they are giving me information and wisdom to speak more then I could ever imagine. I felt new information coming in and old information leaving me which was felt that I was loosing or erasing my blue prints or akashic records. I felt like my wisdom and IQ was rising upward in a straight line. I walked to them getting a clearer picture of them, not that it ever mattered what they looked like. They told me that I need to speak and they are helping me with this. They also told me I will be an ascended master. I knew this was going to happen to me one day, but never telling anyone, part of me was still earthbound with disbelief. I excepted, of course, because it was the natural thing to do. I then felt a large, strong, defined angel appear. It was Arc Angel Michael. He was floating on my right side so clearly with strong wings. He told me I was going to be protected and that he and the other Angels would look after me, and I should never have any fear again. I noticed that he didn’t have a sword like so many pictures represent him to have. I believe that I understood why that was, but I asked Arc Angel Michael anyway,”Why do you represent yourself with a sword?” and he explained that man-made stories describe him that way so people have a better understanding and could relate to how he is a protector. I was then guided passed the Ascended Masters as Arc Angel Michael guided me throughout the colourful vortex of a tunnel. Once I saw a bright light up ahead, I asked him what was I doing there. He told me I graduated. I felt guilt because I really didn’t work that hard today at work, lol. I thought it was silly and I didn’t feel I deserved this graduation on this particular day, but maybe on a day that I worked a little harder. He said it doesn’t work like that; I have passed all my tests to be here. I thought to myself, if it had anything to do with the person I called up today. Let’s just say everything happens at the perfect time. I asked him, once I got to the end of the tunnel, what was this vast bright white place? He told me this is Source, this is all things, this is God. I somehow understood. For a moment the image of an old man with a beard just seemed so made-up. I entered with ease. I floated around and soaked it in. Words cannot describe the highest of this vibration. I turned around, the white vast space went forever. There was the portal in front of me which was the tunnel we came out of. It just looked different from this direction because it had no tube or vortex attached to it. I spent some time there as I still heard the teacher in the background teaching the yoga class. I was at the Source…. Aaaaaah! After awhile I was ready to leave. Arc Angel Micheal told me I could come back and use Source any time I need. I felt the Source of being everything all at once. Its a language I can’t explain right now. He asked me if I had any questions or needed anything. I told him I would like to have Arc Angel Raphael help my sister, Sharon, with her gift. I then felt the presence of two other Arc Angeles come forward. I asked for them to guide and help my close family members who may need help or guidance and they did. We came back to the vortex tunnel and passed the Ascended Masters as they looked at me. I felt like the vibration of gratitude I had was not worthy enough for what I had just experienced. So I lifted my energy even higher to inflate the feeling of gratitude. As love came in, I vibrated the gratitude through the love vibration. It was glorious and amazing at the same time. I felt myself saying “thank you” as I saw my non-physical body laying back into the physical body. With the most perfect timing, I heard the instructor tell us to take our final deep breaths as the class was coming to an end. I breathed long and heavy, feeling the abundance of pure joy rush through my body. I came to, and was very present in my body. I gave great gratitude to all things. With my gratitude, I will be conscious and do my very best to move forward with love leading the way.

Love, me

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