The Ego is one of the Biggest, Misunderstood Energies.

The ego is one of the biggest, misunderstood energies there are. The ego that
we all know, is here to make us either want more or be “less than”. It challenges
us in every way. 
The ego makes us “believe” it is us (our consciousness) making all the
decisions in our life, when in fact, it’s the ego making us have unconscious thoughts.
The ego makes us feel separate from God, leaving us feeling unworthy, lost and
confused. Once we understand that we are here to learn, teach, love, and help ourselves and others to discover our true selves, the ego no longer serve us. Instead we serve the ego. Meaning, when you get to a level of a high consciousness/vibrations, only then, you can serve the ego. By sending the dark ego intense love and light, we are able to transcend the dark ego into light and love if it’s willing to change back to its original state, God’s everlasting  presence. 
Even though people look at the ego in a bad and dark way, it’s actually
here to help us evolve back to self-love and love for all things, as long as we can stay conscious. It’s part of God’s mysterious “ying/yang”,  universal way that makes us live with free-will, purpose and expression of oneself. The quicker you can send love to your ego, dark thoughts, and your enemies, the quicker you will change within, discovering self-love and love for all things.
Sending you all unconditional Love,
James John

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