Story about the ego.

One day, I was counselling a women who I will call, Clair, and this is how our conversation went:

James: How are you?

Clair: Its going great , I have some good news!

James: What is it?

Clair: I saw some black energy around me the other day and I told it to shoo, shoo away. I did good, right?

James: Well, at the time it happened it was perfect because everything is perfect at that time. But now is the perfect time to tell you that it was the last thing you should have done.

Clair: What?

James: You see, you just made that black energy stronger – that’s what it wanted you to do so it will get bigger. You gave it negativity and you rejected it. You just gave it its food supply. Now it will only carry a bigger presence around you because it will grow from you every time you tell it to shoo, shoo away. This is how dark energy survives, and because we are negative about so many things in our lives we activate the dark energy all the time around us, inviting it in or awakening it. You will notice it in some people when you hear, “Wow, that person has some bad energy.”

Clair: So, what was I supposed to do?

James: You give it the exact opposite, you give it love. This is how black energies leave your mind. This is the beginning of LAF.

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