Why is there dark energy?

Dark energy exists to know who is “God”,  “I Am”, and “Love for all things”.

The first pure consciousness (God) “was”, and nothing else “was”, not even space. To create space you would need two objects, two entities, and two consciousness to create “space” between them. How can we ever know “God”, “I Am”, or “Love for all things” if we have nothing to compare it to.

For example:

Let’s say everything around us on Earth was orange including the land, ocean, nature, sky, animals, and even us, and there was no other colour that ever existed. We would only know orange. After a while we would not be able to see the colour orange anymore because we have nothing to compare it to. In fact, orange wouldn’t even be a colour at this point, it was just “Be” no colour, no anything. You would have no appreciation or acknowledgement for orange.

Now, hold that image in your mind for a moment.

Replace all that orange with “Love”.  Everything is “love”; the land, ocean, nature, sky, animals, and us. We would not be able to see love anymore on Earth. You couldn’t, how could you? You have nothing bad or terrible to compare it to, there would be no contrast. So love would not have the same feeling as you know it today. It wouldn’t even be love, it would just “Be”. You would not have any appreciation or acknowledgement for Love on Earth.

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