What are the different kinds of egos?

I put them in two separate categories:

The first category is a consciousness, which is a form of an ego that is with us our entire human life. This consciousness is very similar to the ego but is not here to ruin our lives. It’s here simply to learn and teach with us our life lessons throughout our journey in life together. This conscious energy helps us to make “conscious” decisions by bringing us only the basic needs in life – no more, no less.

The second category is on a long spectrum, starting with the lightest ego (light-grey) to the darkest ego (black). First is the light-grey ego,  that ranges from light jealousy and light bragging. For example this ego will make you want to look EXTRA special when you look in the mirror. The ego already wants something extra. Whereas, your consciousness feels you’re beautiful already without the EXTRA. Next is the medium-grey ego, this is the one most people deal with. There is a long spectrum of medium-grey egos that range from acts of lying and cheating, to fear and verbal abuse. It is always searching for its next victim.

Last, is the darkest ego of them all. This is the one I consider the “Phantom Ego” in your head. It will convince you  it is you 100% of the time. This ego’s spectrum ranges from mental and physical abuse to depression and the ultimate; suicide. Wanting so much from you, it will make you take your own life.

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