What to do when I’m aware of dark energy/ego?

You give it love.

This black energy that some people see or feel around them is also the ego. Remember they can come in and out of your body when you are not conscious. They invade you usually when you are at your weakest, most vulnerable, or when a negative memory comes into play.

There are three situations that will happen:

1)  If you feel or see dark energy, you need to acknowledge them. Let them know you are aware of them. Then say to them,  “Turn to God’s white light and come to me, and be with me for I will love you unconditionally.”

2)   Give it a second choice.  After saying the above, you may continue with “Or, turn to God’s white light and go to God. He will love you unconditionally.”

3)   If it doesn’t want to go to you or God, it will just take off before you can even think about giving it love. These are usually the phantom egos they are oldest and wisest of them all, and have been around since the beginning of space. So this ego will just take off and go to the next person who is in pain or vibrating at the frequency they are looking for.

This is how you can enlighten the ego by giving it love and giving it the chance to decide if it’s ready to turn to white light or not. Just like how troubled humans don’t want to live in pain anymore, they want to become enlightened.

When you give love to the ego when it comes around, they know you are raising your vibration and becoming stronger and lighter. So they won’t come around you as often because they know you will give them unconditional love every time. They are becoming more aware of your consciousness. Soon you will be aware of the ego/dark energy, and automatically give unconditional love to it.



What would happen if you went into the middle of a dark room and stood there for a minute? It’s dark and you can’t see. Now, if you light up a candle in the middle of the room, what happens? It will light up the whole room. So, therefore, darkness cannot survive in light; it’s impossible. If the light (love) is the only thing in your head, the darkness (ego) cannot survive. The ego knows that light (love) is more powerful than it and will not stick around. You just raised your vibration leaving just love in your head. This is the new beginning to your life. The life of pure consciousness, freedom, self love, and the love for all things.

Let’s be clear, when the “unconscious” you (the ego) gets upset and curses someone or says something bad to someone else, stop and ask yourself this:

“Who is this? Who is speaking in my head?” This can’t be ‘I’ because ‘I’ came from love. Love does not know this way, you are the ‘I’, the ‘I AM’, the ‘Love of all things’. Even though the egos came from love, some of them took the wrong path in their journey that lead them to the pain/dark side. Just like we know how humans came from love, and also may have taken the wrong path in their  journeys, leading them to the pain/dark side. Everything we learned since childhood  were lessons and tests taught from our parents, siblings, school teachers, friends, media and so on.

The ego is the opposite of love.

I feel you can have a balanced relationship with a light-grey ego –  why not? As long as you can create balance between the knowing and not knowing. Once again, they would usually be on the lighter-grey side of the ego, and when you give them love and have them join you, it’s quite nice. It’s when they’re on the dark side and it takes you over when it becomes dangerous. I love and work with them to understand that together we can think clearly, feel good, and keep our bodies healthy.

LAF Quote:

“Live life, don’t let it live you”     or, another way of saying it is:

“Live life, don’t let the ego live you”.

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